Chris Mccandless Life In The Wild Analysis

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Chris McCandless abandoned the modern world and chose the wild because he believed that he could improve himself through living in the wild, and found the true happiness of the life. McCandless abandoned his wealthy family because of his complicated relationship with his father, and he was ashamed with his father’s adultery. Therefore, McCandless believed that human relationship was not the only thing that forms happiness, instead a man’s connection with the nature brings joy as well. He also believed the habitual lifestyle was not what people were meant to do, and people shouldn't have more possessions than what they need. For this reason, McCandless traveled with little effects. In addition, McCandless thought he could found the solution to his frustration with the adultery of his father, and found the true happiness for his life through escaping into the wild.
Chris McCandless endangered his life many times in this adventure, and perhaps he was trying to find the happiness of the life through risking his life. He highlighted passages that he felt a strong connection to. McCandless highlighted one of the passage in the book “Family Happiness” by Leo Tolstoy. The passage was “I wanted movement and not a clam course of …show more content…

So does Chris McCandless really believed that he was finding the true happiness of the life? However, his belief was so strong that he was willing to encourage an eighty year old man to live the same lifestyle as he. One Thursday in mid-January 1992, Ron Franz an accomplished leather worker, stopped the car to give Chris McCandless a ride. Ron Franz was eighty-one year at the time, but his age didn't stop him from forming strong friendship with Chris McCandless. Ron Franz appreciated McCandless so much, therefore he thought that it was a huge waste for McCandless to live his life as a

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