A Comparison Of Chris Mccandless In Into The Wild

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St. Francis of Assisi was a man who sought peace from the world and tried to bring people together. He gave to the poor and even made a new order in the church, called the Third
Order. He believed animals to be his siblings and would always preach to those willing to listen.
However, he was not accepted by society when he preached that animals were his brothers and sisters. Chris McCandless on the other hand, was a man that ought adventure and wanted to travel. He seeked thrills and wanted to prove man could win against nature. However, he was seen as an outcast as most believe he was stupid for burning his money and going into the
Stampede Trail illprepared.
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Despite their kindness, they both have negative reactions to the public. Chris
McCandless, after his death, received several comments from the public such as “‘Personally I see nothing positive at all about Chris McCandless’s lifestyle or wilderness doctrine,’ scolded another correspondent. ‘Entering the wilderness purposefully illprepared, and surviving a neardeath experience does not make you a better human, it makes you damn lucky’”(Krakauer,
71). While Chris received rude comments for his deeds, St. Francis did as well. St. Francis was laughed at by his friends when he did an act of charity to the homeless man and was scolded by his father when he left the silk selling cart unattended to do such. One last similarity between the men is that they gave up money. Chris McCandless burned all his money while St. Francis simply gave it up.
Differences. There is a few differences between the two men. One is that St. Francis was a soldier before beginning his purpose while Chris was a college graduate. St. Francis also had
other join him later in his journey while Chris continued to stay alone, though he did meet

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