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Chris McCandless was an American adventurer who traveled to the Alaskan wilderness in April 1992. He look little food and equipment with him, before embarking on his journey
McCandless abandoned his car and burned his money. He wanted to live simply in solitude away from the materialistic world. Timothy Treadwell, an environmentalist, also ventured to
Alaska to study grizzly bears. Both Chris and Timothy set out to explore what the wilderness had to offer and they didn’t let anyone stop them from doing what they desired.
“His early attempts at camping were almost comical. In his journal he wrote that he was often cold, hungry and tormented by insects…” (Treadwell 1992). Like McCandless, Treadwell also kept journals of his life in Alaska. Although …show more content…

Treadwell wanted to fulfill his dream of observing grizzlies in the Alaskan wilderness just as
McCandless wanted to find himself in Alaska.
Even though they were both well known adventurers, Treadwell did not partake in some of the actions McCandless did before he left for Stampede Trail in 1992. While Chris made several stops on his way to Alaska, Tim just packed up and set out to study grizzlies in the
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Alaskan wilderness. Surprisingly Tim’s love for bears came to an end in 2003 . “The golden couple, Timothy Treadwell and Amie Huguenard, lived by bears and died by bears. He was 46, she 37.” (Zeman 1). Tim died from a bear attack alongside his girlfriend. Chris died from eating potato seeds that contained toxic mold that he was clearly unaware of. Both of these deaths show that you can never really know what to expect while being in an isolated place such as the
Alaskan wilderness.
The two adventurers taught us that we shouldn’t be afraid to go against the odds especially for the things we really want to obtain from the lives that we lead. These men

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