Was Chris Mccandless Justified In Into The Wild

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The book I'll be talking about is called Into the Wild and the main focus will be about a man named Chris McCandless and his journey into the wild. Was Chris McCandless' journey meaningful or just pointless? I personally think that Chris wasn't justified in what he did because he left everyone behind without a care in the \world. Chris had a lot of things some people would dream of.
The future Chris McCandless could have had could have been so different from the way he did choose to live life. Chris McCandless could have used his money to buy a home or an apartment and get a really good job with his degree but instead he chose to go out in the wild and end up dead. ( ¨ In may 1990 chris graduated from emory university in atlanta where he been …show more content…

Chris McCandless met a lot of people in his journey to Alaska along the way he met all sorts of people such as the old man who he grew a bond with chris and Chris said he'll think about getting adopted by the lonely old man then left him saying he'll come back. The old man waited and waited just to find out that Chris died in the woods which later turned the old man an atheist. Chris Left impacts the people he's met. He had some sort of a magnet where people get pulled in his personality just for Chris to leave without warning or promising he would come back to them. ( ¨ When Gallien asked whether his parents or a friend knew what he was up to whether there was anyone who would sound the alarm if he got into trouble and was overdue ales answered calmly that nobody knew of his plan that in fact he hasn't spoken to his family in nearly two years.¨ ) Chris mcCandless was a very strange person he didn't really like connecting with people he always kept people at arm's length and this fear of connection impacted many people. Chris didn't really care about people's feelings so it was no surprise that he left everyone including his very close sister. His family was very distant to their children. Maybe that's the reason why he can't connect or refuses to connect to

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