Was Chris Mcandless Justified

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Do you think Chris Mcandless was justified in what he did? The book Into the wild by Jon Krakauer shows the life of Chris Mcandless. I believe that Chris Mcandless was justified in leaving his family. The first reason I think Chris was justified was he had a difficult family life. My next reason is that he was searching for something in life.Lastly, he was an adult and he is allowed to make his own decisions.
My first reason I think Chris was justified was that he had a difficult family life. He felt that he had to get away from them.In the book it says “Long after falling in love with Billie,long after she gave birth to Chris,Walt continued his relationship with Marcia in secret dividing his time between two households” on page 121. This means that in secret Chris’s dad was going …show more content…

My last reason that he was justified is he is an adult and he wanted his own life. On page 23 it says. “No longer would he answer to Chris Mcandless ; he was now Alexander Supertramp,master of his own destiny”. This shows he is old enough to change his name and he allowed to make that decision.
Some people may think that Chris was not justified because he did abandon his family and he told nobody that he was leaving for alaska.He also left his perfect life and many people didn't understand why.On page 2 it says “Hey Guys! This is the last communication you shall receive from me. I now walk out to live amongst the wild. Take care, it was great knowing you. Alexander.Although he did not tell his parents where he was going. He did say this is the last time you'll be hearing from me so they should have seen it

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