Why Is Chris Mcandaless Justified In Into The Wild

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The book Into the wild by Jon Krakauer shows the life of Chris Mcandaless. Do you think Chris Mcandaless was justified in what he did? I believe that he was justified in what he did and shouldn't be blamed for his decision. First off, he was an adult he left after college at the age of 22 so he has the right to leave. He also had a very difficult family life at home, which wasn't easy especially as a kid. Lastly, he was searching for something in life, almost a purpose to live. He wanted to adventure and get out there. So the first reason and one of the most important reasons why I think he was justified was that he was an adult. He also left after college which means he had already left home. He was at the age of 22 when he left home which is a very reasonable age. On page 23 it states “ No longer …show more content…

Which to me means he was ready to leave, and if he's old enough to change his name and be who he wants he's old enough to leave. So my second reason why I think he was justified is his home life. When Chris was young his home life was very traumatic. His dad was very abusive to his mom and his mom only stayed because she had Chris with him. Also, not to mention his dad had a second life and had another child, Chris had to live at both places and take care of both siblings while keeping it a secret from his mom. On page 121 it states “ Long after falling in love with Billie,long after she gave birth to Chris,Walt continued his relationship with Marcia in secret, dividing his time between two households”. I believe that Chris just wanted to get out, leave his toxic childhood behind and no kid should have to go through that. So lastly, he just wanted freedom and to get out and explore. He wanted to see the

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