How Is Chris Mccandless Justified

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Dylan Day
Mrs. Moffat
English 5-6
11 January 2023 Was Chris Justified?

I believe that Chris McCandless is justified in not telling his parents for when he left into the wild. I believe that he should be justified in not telling his parents because of all the stuff they put him through when he was little. But one thing is that he should have at least told his sister Carine since they were closer then he was with his parents. But with his mothers affair and his two life living and abusive father it would make sense how he could go without talking to them for so long. So he should 80% be justified for not telling his parents that he went out to the wild without telling them so. Chris McCanless’s life was far from normal he had complicated parents, meaning his father was living 2 lives. Because he had a different family before Chris was born but he didn't tell Chris's mother or his sons or daughter, and with his father being abusive both verbally and physically. Then on top of that with his mother having an affair it made Chris upset and he really cut off talking to them, it tells us this on page 103 and 121. So you have to think that Chris had to be going through a lot of hurt to see both of his parents doing that. It also …show more content…

But he met a ton of great people along the way on his now well known journey that he tragically died on though those peoples names and Ronald Franz, Jan and Bob Burres, Jim Gallien, and Wayne Westerberg. These people helped him, some of them giving him a job or giving him food. When Chris met some of these people he wrote to his parents whenever he had stopped somewhere so there is that to one why he should be justified because he informed them enough as it

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