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Into the wild is a book written by Jon Krakauer. There is also a movie directed by sean penn. The main character is chris mccandless. He goes on a fool's trip running away from society and ended up dead in alaska. Shaun callarman says he was bright and ignorant at the same time. I believe that his argument was valid and he makes a good point.
Callarman makes a good argument when saying chris was bright and ignorant at the same time.
Chris was very ignorant in what he did, he could have stayed home and he would of had a better life. He had no common sense and was very ignorant, I mean who goes to alaska to “find himself”. He was being an idiot and nuisance to his family. For example, chris never told anybody when he was going to leave. That …show more content…

In some cases he was but not to the extent to no think he is an idiot. He did do some good such as, giving his savings to charity, and ridding himself of his possessions to understand himself. However, this still does not make him any less of an arrogant person he was, leaving people he used to get ahead behind and never thanking them. I would say that he was right about somethings though. He did help people along the way like, the two people in the rv, the people at that farm, and the old man. For that he deserves some recognition. Important life lesson NO.2: Never lie, cheat, or steal your way to the top because all that lies at the top is grief and depression. So, chris mccandless was an arrogant, selfish man that drop his already amazing life to live and inevitably die in alaska. He should have stayed home, he would have eventually found what he was looking for. But still to today no-one knows for certain what he was truly doing. I believe he was running away from his parents and their high control over his life. Therefore chris mccandless, in my eyes, was just crazy, he might of had a mental problem or something. To end, another important life lesson, never forget who you are and where you come from, for if you do, you can hurt the others around

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