Chris Mccandless Essay: Was Chris Justified?

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Eli Eaton
Mrs. Moffat
English 5-6
11 January 2023
Was Chris Justified? Chris McCandless was an interesting kid, never really fitting into the roles of society, Though being vary smart, and being able to master anything he put his mind to, and was vary likable, he never had the urge to show off or be liked, the book Into The WIld by john Krakaer follows his life, from when he leaves his family without warning, and how he eventually ends up living in Alaska out of a bus. Many people have mixed views on Chris, they might ask “why would he just get up and leave without warning”? “Was Chris justified in leaving his family”?. Well I believe Chris was justified in leaving his family, though it might not have been the best decision, looking into Chris’s …show more content…

One of his first destinations was in Arizona, this is where his new life began. Chris’s car was caught in a flash flood near lake Mead, he saw this as an opportunity for a new beginning. So he burned his money, took some supplies and left his car. “To Symbolize the complete severance from his previous life he adopted a new name” “Alexander Supertramp”(23), with his fresh start Chris/Alex trekked his way all across western america, and into mexico. making many memories and friends on the way. See now Chris loved that old car. It took him everywhere. So for him to just drop it in the desert meant he was determined, but why is he so determined to leave his old life. well Chris grew up in an upper class family, Money was never an issue. He was the first child of three. Growing up tho Chris’s parents always fought. And according to Chris’s sister Carnie they blamed Chris for the reason why they got together. This was a lot of pressure for this guy, and i'm sure it would be a lot of pressure for anyone. The only times this pressure was lifted from Chris was when they were outdoors, either out camping or on hikes, it was the only time the fighting would stop, so at an early age Chris learned that the outdoors meant

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