Into The Wild: Was Chris Justified?

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Into The Wild
Was Chris justified? No, Chris wasn’t justified in doing what he did for starters he abandoned his family and friends which caused all his relationships to fall apart. He was also reckless which could have hurt not only him but it could have also hurt others along the way because he didn’t care what happened as long as he was happy. Last but not least Chris was selfish and I don’t just mean in terms of he always wanted more for himself and never wanted to give something up but Chris only cared about living in the moment, it didn’t matter what at what cost he was living, he lived life like that all the way up to his death.
One big reason Chris wasn’t justified is he caused his relationship with all his loved ones to fall apart and hardly ever spoke to his family because they wouldn’t understand and Chris probably felt as if they’d try and stop him from an adventure. In talking with Jim Gallien, Chris told him “he hadn’t spoken with his family in nearly two years.” (pg 6). This shows that Chris doesn’t value his relationships because the amount of time he's away and lost contact doesn’t phase him. This just shows how people's feelings don't matter to him because no matter how much it'll hurt them …show more content…

He was also making bad decisions all the way around and there wasn’t anything anyone could do to help him because he wouldn't have it. Gallien recalls “He wasn’t carrying anywhere near as much food and gear as you’d expect a guy to be carrying for that kind of trip.” (pg 4). This comes to show he was very unprepared for the harsh conditions he would come up against in the wilderness and that it was a very uneducated thing to do as far as his health goes. “I just don’t understand why he had to take those kinds of chances,” Billie protested through her tears. (pg 132). This shows how much his reckless decisions did to others and how dangerous his life

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