How Did Chris Mccandless Die In Into The Wild

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It has been many years since Chris McCandless was found dead in Bus 142. When he died, his story became public and widely popular, allowing many people to learn of his fatal story. He was known to have been a rubber and later on a leather tramp, while searching for the ultimate conquest of alaska. When he made it to Alaska, he wasn't prepared, which led him to his desperate and lonely death. This sparked the worldwide debate on whether he was stupid, or if he was just living his life. With all the information gathered, I believe that Chris made a mistake of going out into the Alaskan wilderness because he lacked supplies, didn't have enough knowledge of our natural survival, and he didn't have a map. One of the largest reasons Chris’s adventure turned fatal was because he lacked supplies like food. Hence …show more content…

For example, in the book ‘Into the Wild’, the author Jon Krakauer, talks about Chris’s experience with Jim Gallien. He says that when Jim was dropping off Chris, he noticed that he wasn't dressed for the weather. So, he gave Chris his work boots. This section of the book ultimately shows that Chris had no idea how cold the Alaskan weather truly is. To add to that, once Chris made it to Bus 142, he scavenged around for berries. Although Chris went to a university for a couple days prior to learning about foods he could eat, he still did not obtain enough knowledge. He memorized a couple of berries he could eat, which did help him survive for a while, but when those started to run out, he grew helpless. He was forced to eat things that could've killed him since he didn't have the proper knowledge of them, which sadly became true. He ate berries along with the nut inside, which turned out to be poisonous. The concepts of weather and naturistic food are the primary keys when it comes to surviving in nature, and Chris didn't learn any of

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