Summary Of Into The Wild By Jon Krakauer

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Jon Krakauer’s fascination in a young man’s life turns out to be more than an article of the boy’s adventure and the journey he set out for himself. Krakauer reflects on much larger subjects within the book based on his path while trying to understand Chris McCandless. Chris McCandless, a young man from an East Coast family, abandons everything set for him in his path. Donating twenty-four-thousand-dollar savings account to charity, burning the cash he had, leaving his car and possessions behind were all decisions Chris thought were right for him. His confident yet riskful choices led him to an independent life in the wild. His determination to disconnect himself from society was given to him as he hitchhiked around Mt. McKinley alone and on the road achieving nothing but death. Chris McCandless’s life on the road came to an end four months after he …show more content…

When out in the cold Alaskan Range, Chris lacked the ability to preserve the moose he shot to eat. Due to his journal entries, he had the education on how to kill the food he needed, but he did not know something he would yet need. Chris annoyingly states that there were “maggots already…” and the “smoking [appeared to be] ineffective. . .”( Krakauer 167). If Chris knew how to store this meat he could have saved himself from starvation later in his journey. His accomplishment was shown by killing his own food yet he did not have that one tip needed to survive in the wild. The only attempt of being in the wild to people now is cooking and bringing the whole kitchen with them. Many families and friends go camping bringing everything with them in order to survive in the wilderness. In particular, a modern survival blog justifies the way to survive while camping. Not only does the blog never state how to actually survive in the wilderness but it proceeds to state information about

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