Chris Mccandless Motivation In Into The Wild

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Chris Mccandless was inspiring, but others felt that he was not really notable. Chris is a man that went through lot from his parents' divorce and his father action at the house. One day Mccandless stop going to college and went on to pursue what he thought what will make him happy. Chris travels throughout the USA and love it, then he deiced that he wanted to go to Alaska so he can go into the wild. Mccandless has some bad characteristic that leads onto this death. He was every headstrong, he didn’t like listing towards other people rather than himself or even considerate to other people's opinions. Chris was trying to pursue happiness which leads him towards this death by lack of supplies and lack of this understanding of his surroundings. Even though Chris did some things that are controversial to the readers. Chris inspires people to find their happiness, but many believe that he didn’t achieve it. …show more content…

In the book ‘Into The Wild’ ,“‘Alex admitted that the only food in this pack was ten-pound of rice’’ (krakauer 54). Chris admitted that he didn’t have enough supplies, but he still went on to his trip that didn’t go as he planned. This shows that chis was very headstrong because even though he didn’t have enough supplies and he knew, but he believe that he can do this all by himself. Others believe that Chris knew what was going on happen at the wild Chris had lots of people who like him but Chris would like to be by himself . He didn’t want anybody around him and made sure of

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