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What McCandless Has Shown Me Chris McCandless was just a normal college graduate just like any other person but then he decided to go into the wild and go travel to all different areas before he went to Alaska. Chris decided to go to Alaska because in his head that’s where he thought there would be no one from society telling him what to do. He thought he wouldn’t have to follow the rules of society or people telling him what to do. He reached Alaska, but the reality of Alaska was different that the romanticized expectation that he had in his mind. He didn’t bring enough food for himself and all he relied on was eating plants and berries from the wild. Also, all he relied on was a book about plants and berries to tell him what plants to pick out. But unfortunately he misidentified the wild potato seed as wild sweet pea, and he ate the inedible wild sweet pea instead of the edible wild potato. Unfortunately, the misidentified seeds caused …show more content…

He chose not to bring a map, compass, watch because he didn’t want to know what time, day, month or year it was when he went into the wild. He also made the decision not to bring any real food except a 10 lb bag of rice, and a book about plants. Interestingly, one of Chris’s favorite authors was Jack London who wrote the short story “To Build a Fire.” We know Chris was “mesmerized by London’s turgid portrayal of life in Alaska and the Yukon, [and] McCandless read and reread The Call of The Wild, White Fang, [and] “To Build a Fire”(Krakauer 44). The man from “To Build a Fire” made a lot of mistakes in the story that were very crucial. Unfortunately, Chris didn’t learn from the man in “To Build a Fire” because he made a lot of mistakes in Alaska as well such as not bringing enough food, or any type of device that tells time or what direction you’re going. All of his mistakes eventually added up and this costed him his

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