Chris Mccandless In Into The Wild By Jon Krakauer

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One of the many necessities in life is to love and be loved by another human being. Chris McCandless, Timothy Treadwell, and Henry David Thoreau separated themselves from society and did not experience the comforts of being around family. When deciding, one should consider how the outcome will affect their loved ones.

Chris McCandless left his family at a young age to discover the world. Along his journey, he made some bad decisions including not bringing a map and having no supplies. This led to his death in the Alaskan wild. Many people offered to give him things, such as Ronald Franz who wanted to adopt McCandless, but not once did McCandless say “I need your help”(Krakauer 198) until a few days before his death but no one was there. It was at this point that he realized he needed someone there because his life depended on it. He knew the impact he had on his parents and those that drove him along his journey. If McCandless realized this prior to putting himself in danger, he would have lived a longer life devoted to others more than himself. …show more content…

Treadwell “love[s] [the bears] with all [his] heart, [he] will protect them, [he] will die for them”(Grizzly Man). This is an enormous mistake that Treadwell makes because the bears cannot love him back. Along with all of Treadwell’s problems with alcohol and drugs, he leaves society in search to find comfort in the bears. On the day of Treadwell’s death, it is recorded that he tells his girlfriend to run away as he fights off the hungry bear (Grizzly Man). At this moment, Treadwell has decided that he can’t be as close, emotionally and physically, to bears as he wanted and the one person that loved him was in danger. He picked human life over a bear’s trying to correct the mistake he made thirteen years

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