Cat Person Short Story

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If humans carelessly continue to find love with people that they barely know, it could actually end up in a terrible relationship. Kristen Roupenian, author of the short story “Cat Person” shows this statement to prove itself true using various literary elements. The story she published in the New Yorker, shows the relationship that exists between a twenty-year-old woman named Margot and a thirty-four-years-old man known as Robert. A relationship always needs to contain a lot of trust and some communication between each other. She proves it by showing the character’s thoughts, by telling the story using the third person limited ()and also by making it appealing to our senses. To begin, the author uses characterization in her short story in order to show just how difficult it can be to start a meaningful relationship when both partners are still quite unfamiliar with one and other. Firstly, when Robert and Margot were about to engage in coitus, Robert says; “I always wanted to fuck a girl with nice tits”. The fact that the author chooses to use the words “nice tits” shows that the only thing that interests Robert in this relationship would be Margot’s body. It reveals just how meaningless the relationship between these two, which can almost be called strangers, truly was. We could make the statement that for Robert at least, this relationship is solely about pleasure. Secondly, when Margot went to the bar with her friends, Robert was there too and he saw
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