Loose Woman By Sandra Cisneros Analysis

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Loose Women, is a collection of poetry written by Sandra Cisneros. A wonderful collection of words that speak to the beauty, disgusting, painful, extraordinary things about love, sexuality, women, bodies. Throughout the novel Cisneros revels in sort of “bad girl” image: however the overall persona is that of a passionate, sexual woman who’s had her share of both joy and disappointment. We all know Sandra Cisneros roots come from Mexico and is from Mexican American immigrant family and the culture for her is very different. I can relate to Cisneros’ culture different, since I am from Indian and in India women are considered to be the goddess from ancient time, however they are not being treated like goddess. Cisneros poetic style makes the book easier to read and comprehend and I think her Mexican roots play big part of her writing. In the book Loose Woman, the author seems to be talking about herself in each poems and is trying to express woman’s journey through the collections of her poems. Through her poems Cisneros’ voice shows love, hate and all the stages of feelings the woman goes through and sends message of bravery. …show more content…

In almost each of her poem Cisneros shows her energetic, crazy personality. One main topic her poems and personality brings light to the topic “Feminism.” For many years, women have been working hard in order to gain equality with man. Through her poems Cisneros 's has put a light to the things that women fear of saying based on the world 's ideology of a woman. She shows that women aren 't just emotional creatures and can be as wild and sexual as a man. In a loose woman she described that persona doesn 't succumb to the inhibitions placed by society. For most people they could consider her a modern day feminist in the way that she doesn 't let gender 's rules rule her in this

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