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Tina Alvarado SPA222-A5 3/52017 WAC 5: Response to Sor Filotea The letter that Sor Juana wrote was a biography about her life and rationality. It was a declaration of her scholarly, innovative freedom, and rebut of censorial intrusion. Sor Juana was known as the world’s first women with the artistic and intellectual privilege to publish, write, study, and teach freely. She wrote the letter to inform Sor Filotea who was trying to silence her that she would not go still into the night. Sor Juana wanted Sor Filotea to know her and what she stood for. This letter was written to Sor Filotea who was betrayed by the Bishop of Puebla attempting the destruction of Sor Juana writing and publishing of her creative work. Sor Juana argues that without studies she and others would not be able to play …show more content…

She is describing how men want things done their way and women who do not cater to their needs get punished. The men never take responsibilities for their actions towards their women. This entire poem signifies how women bend over backward for their husband and get no rewards or praises in the end. Sor Juana is considered a feminist because she is in favor of women being well educated and having the right to pursue their dreams. Sor Juana turned down several suitors who approached her with marriage proposals. She didn’t want to be tied down serving a man for her whole life when she can fulfill her own needs. Sor Juana lives for solitude and silence so she can construct her writing. Sor Juana defends the rights for women to be educated through the poetry that she writes. In the movie I, The Worst of All, she tells her young group of sister nuns that it is not a sin against god to curious, explore, and seek out information to learn how to do things. She tells that intelligence has no particular gender requirements. Sor Juana served as a beacon of hope for her fellow sister nuns who were not as fortunate as she to be

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