Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents By Julia Alvarez: An Analytical Essay

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For as long as people can remember, the stereotype that men have “more power” than women in a relationship has been a relevant argument. In the novel How the García Girls Lost Their Accents the Author, Julia Alvarez, writes about four girls and part of that revolves around their relationships with men. In all of their relationships with men, he has the power in the relationship which means he makes the decisions for them. When they lived in the United States the girls and their mother had more say in the society. When they lived in the Dominican Republic men just saw them as submissive housewives who bear their children. Women who are also known to have slept with other men are dishonored. Also as the girls get older the author shows them independent and successful, even with a man. Which shows that the Garcia girls aren’t just some ordinary family. The feud between men and women has being going on for hundreds of years with not one that is completely better than the other. In this novel some men are betrayed worse than others, some are dangerous to the girls. “Yolanda makes out an undertow of men's voices. Quickly she gets in …show more content…

“Has he deflowered you? That's what I want to know. Have you gone behind the palm trees? Are you dragging my good name through the dirt, that is what I would like to know!"(30) In this quote Papi is furious at at Sofia just because she had sex with one guy. This is all due towards the geography and time in which the Garcia’s are in. Papi later after this quote also calls his own daughter a whore. Which shows how much this means to him in order for him to say something that drastic. All of this happened in the chapter “The Kiss” which the theme was the destruction of Papi’s and Sofia’s relationship due to Papi’s traditional dominican

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