Descriptive Essay On The Day Of A Dog

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The day I meet my dog made my heart sad yet I was happy to take him home with me. I knew from that point forward things were going to change for this lab mixed dog. His name was Sammy, and all he needed was a chance. I was willing to give him that chance. It was a cold fall day in 2014 when I awake. I sat up in bed and looked around the room, hoping to see my puppy. I then remembered he was gone (he was hit by a car the day of Thanksgiving), it had been three weeks since he passed away. I hung my head, and looked at the floor at Mitchel 's (the dogs) bed. I reached for my tablet and looked on Facebook to see if anyone was giving away a puppy/dog. In my mind a new dog might help the pain of me losing my "fur baby". Sure enough there was a post, the head line said "Free to a good home. His colors were light brown with a lighter browned chest. His name was Sammy. I looked at the picture for a long time. I knew I had to at least meet him, before I made my choice, weather or not to take him home. He was three and I wasnt sure I wanted to take on an adult dog. After I contacted the owner I hopped in my car, in less then a half an hour I was going to meet Sammy the dog. My heart was heavy during the drive to the park in the next town. I felt like I was replacing Mitchel. The tear fulled my eyes. " Stephanie your not replacing him, you are trying to move on. There is a difference." I told myself over and over. " What if this dog is a bitter" I thought to myself. All

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