Creative Writing: The Outsiders Sequel

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The Outsiders Sequel When I turned in my essay, my English teacher looked at my work in surprise. He flipped through my 7 pages of writing, and then set it on his desk. He said I could leave for the day, and that he would grade it as soon as he could. It was almost four o’clock, and Darry would kill me if I didn’t come home by four thirty. He didn’t want anything to happen to me again. He didn’t want me to have a fate like Johnny’s. Don’t think about it, I said to myself. Johnny has been dead awhile. Don’t think about it now. I reached our house and walked in through the front. Soda was sitting on the couch, watching the television. “ Hey Ponyboy,” he said. I nodded to him. I went upstairs to put my backpack and jacket away, when Two-Bit …show more content…

But it still wasn’t. I couldn’t imagine losing Darry. That would be like losing sunrises. Like losing Johnny. I sat on the bed in grief. “Don’t worry, Ponyboy, we’ll be able to survive,” he said. “It’ll be hard, but we can do it.” Right now, I don’t know what to do, I thought to myself. Four days in a boys home can do a lot to you, especially when most of the boys are Soc’s. Me and Soda had enough of the kids there unceasingly tormenting us. That was mostly because everyone had figured out that Darry’s in jail. If he was there, he would be able to make them back off right away. I spent the day by reading, eating, and sleeping. Since we weren’t allowed to smoke, I was always anxious. Cigarettes help me calm down, as well as Soda and the rest. One night, we were just getting ready for bed, we heard a knock at the window. We looked out and saw Two-Bit’s goofy grin. “Two-Bit! I never thought you would come,” I exclaimed. “Well, did you get me wrong,” he said. Soda came and greeted Two-Bit and was as happy as ever to get out of the home. “Does the window open,” Two-Bit asked from outside. “Yeah, but there’s a net blocking it,” Soda said as he lifted the …show more content…

“Do you deny that you committed this crime,” he whispered. “No,” Jim said. The judge leaned back and sat quietly for a minute. “The accused is cleared of all charges,” he said as he struck the gavel. As soon as the people started walking out of the courtroom, we all embraced Darry in a big hug. I knew then how it must have been for Darry when he lost me. After we were all reunited, we headed home without a fear in our minds. I guess we were just glad that we were back together, because I knew that there would be troubles along the way, but for now everything was golden. The next couple of days went really fast. The gang came more often to our house, and my grades were coming up. One day, I was called to stay after class by my english teacher. I stood at his desk after the bell rang. He was sitting there, holding my theme essay. “Ponyboy, I don’t know what to say,” he said. “Is it bad, sir” I asked him. “Oh, no, Ponyboy. It’s fantastic,” he said. “So fantastic, I think it deserves to be published.” “Really,” I asked dumbfoundedly. “But why?” “Because people need to hear your story,” he said. “It can affect other people in so many ways that you can’t imagine.” I looked at him as a smile crept over my

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