Character Analysis Of Ponyboy From 'The Outsiders'

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Different - not alike in character or quality; distinct in nature; dissimilar.
The character, Ponyboy, from The Outsiders, is different because of going into the church and those saving little kids, another reason is at first he didn’t believe that Johnny died and he didn’t go crazy like Dally, and he went with Randy to talk about the rumble with no blade or weapon. Ponyboy is a 14 year old Greaser (a gang with not much money), they smoke weed, and have long hair. They are teenagers that either don’t have parents or their parents just don’t care about them. They are teenage rebels and they get into trouble.

For example, Ponyboy was different by going into a church that was burning to save little kids. The fire started because of a cigarette that Ponyboy smoked. When Ponyboy was breaking in the church he heard someone behind him say “Hey, Ponyboy”. He looked around, startled. I hadn’t realized Johnny had been right …show more content…

He also didn’t go crazy at all like Dally did when Johnny died right in front of his eyes. This paragraph from page 152 shows Ponyboys non belief in Johnny's death. The Next sentence show a paragraph. I looked at them a little frightened. “Johnny … he’s dead.” My voice sounded strange, even to me. But he’s not dead, a voice in my head said. “We told him about beatin’ the Socs and … I don’t know, he just died.” He told me to stay gold, I remembered. What was he talking about. A little later the phone rang and Darry picked it up, “It was Dally, he phoned from a booth. He just robbed a grocery store. We gotta hid him. He’ll be in the lot in a minute.” (Page 153). This means that Ponyboy didn’t believe it happened and Dallas wasn’t even there to handle the rest of his death. Ponyboy couldn’t, his voice was trembling and he just couldn’t believe it, while Dally went so crazy that he robbed a grocery store. Ponyboy was different, divergent reaction, not wild, not weird, but was

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