Why Is Ponyboy An Outsider

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What makes someone an outsider? In Tulsa, S.E. Hinton went to a large high school and in all large high schools they would have different groups. Everyone would stay in their own groups as they grew up S.E. thought it was idiotic. She made the book The Outsiders which had the socs and the greasers S.E. would get letters from kids who told her they also had the two groups in there school but they had different names for them. Who are those who don’t quite fit in? People who can be considered outsiders are Ponyboy, Johnny, and the Greasers. First, Ponyboy can be considered an outsider because he’s different from others in his school. In document B it states “ One time in biology I had to dissect a worm and the razor wouldn’t cut, so I used my switchblade. …show more content…

The evidence also shows that Ponyboy is an outsider because he gets put into A classes with other socs because he's supposed to be smart. Ponyboy is an outsider because he’s not like others in his class and others in his class think it’s funny how they put him in A

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