The Socs And Greasers In The Outsiders

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In the novel The Outsiders , there are two social groups, the Greasers” and the Socs. Greasers are considered stupid, dirty, rowdy, and overall horrible. Socs think all Greasers are the same. Greasers think that all of the Socs have perfect lives and they are all happy with no struggles. Neither of them are right, there are struggles on both sides of town. The two sides of town are extremely different but similar at the same time. But this all changes when a Greaser and a Soc come together with an unexpected interest, especially for a “stupid” greaser boy. Cherry Valance and Ponyboy Curtis both share an interest in sunsets. In my project, I drew Cherry and Pony looking at the sunset together, but they aren’t really together. They are separated

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