Monologue Of Johnny From The Outsiders

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Darry’s job and responsibilities as a fill-in parent

I have two brothers, the youngest one is Ponyboy and the one in the middle is Sodapop. I’m the oldest out of them two, I’m the young parent for them. I like to work out a lot and I dropped out of school because I need to help and support my brothers, after our parents died. That’s what my parents told me to do for them, if they would ever die or some happen to them. Everything has changed since that happened, one of the things that changed the most was me, because now I gotta take care of them and mostly Ponyboy because he’s too young and I have to get him out of trouble. We belong to a gang, in which we treat each other as a family, people call us “Greasers”. We’re simple people and we dress normal. There’s another gang called “Socs”. The Socs are people …show more content…

Everyone was sad after Johnny’s death, but mostly Ponyboy and Dally. Later that day we had to go to a rumble, which it would be greasers against some Socs. We won, but some of us got hurt, especially dally. Dally couldn’t stop thinking about Johnny’s death, it hurt him a lot because he loved him as a brother. Dally didn’t wanna live any longer because the only thing he really loved was Johnny and that was gone already so he said “it wasn’t worth to live any longer”. After the rumble, Dally had a unloaded gun in his pocket, we let him alone and went home. Dally was walking down a lamppost, he pulled out a gun and a cop saw him, the cop was trying to arrest him, but as soon as the cop saw the gun he shot dally. Later that night, we found out that he had died and police had taken the body already. After that happened, Sodapop, Ponyboy, and I talk about what was happening and Sodapop told us not to fight anymore because that hurts him, because we only have each other and we had to take care and love each other. We all agree and well our relationship between us is better than

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