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Crashing waves on a beach with a magnificent sunset in the background, a picture perfect scene for a summer romance. The magic mood is quickly turned gloomy by the sweet Australian accent of Sandy Olsson exchanging her goodbyes with her summer love, Danny Zuko. The opening scene of Grease may seem [depressing] but it sets up for one of the most interesting love stories put to film.
Grease is a movie with great musical numbers accompanied with wonderfully executed dance routines and an unforgettable plot. Although there are questionable incidents throughout, it will always be classic.
Grease is a romantic-comedy-musical, set in the 50’s, telling the story of two summer sweethearts who met at the beach but are separated by the return of school. …show more content…

Typical high school experiences are taken and magnified in this movie. The regular school dance was intensified and stakes grew due to the live broadcasting from “National Bandstand”. The exaggeration of a typically normal event allowed Grease to demonstrate what goes on in high schools on a more transparent and obvious level. In the same regards, the sleepover scene did the same thing. Taking a normal occasion and amplify it reveals the most basic experiences that a high school could potentially face. Running off in the middle of the night, peer pressure to smoke and drink, friends who wait until you leave the room to make fun of you all faced Sandy at the party. These encounters come together to create an authentic atmosphere to the movie. The characters and the setting become more relatable when real life situations become involved. Consequentially, by having the main character come in contact with the dilemmas that many students face, it connects with the audience, specifically those who have faced or are facing similar predicaments. Even though there are some elements that may raise questions, once they are passed over the movie, Grease overall is a great movie that evokes feelings of nostalgia in the audience. The music and dancing brings an artistry that simply cannot be ignored and the story brings nostalgia that captures audiences

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