Personal Narrative: Pitbulls

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On 07/01/17, at 3:21pm, I Deputy Warden N. Christian was dispatched to Kids Kingdom Childcare and Learning Center (970 Oakland Park Ave), on a dog at large, no known owner. I arrived at the location and met with complainant Latanya Cox and victim Jamaal Cox Jr. Ms. Cox stated that she sent her grandson outside to retrieve something from her vehicle. When her grandson returned, he stated that a brown and white pit bull was outside growled and approached him. He was able to get inside before the pit bull caused any harm. Ms. Cox escorted me outside where she point out a white house just behind the childcare center. Ms. Cox and Jamaal stated the pit bull escaped through a hole in the fence from that location.
Ms. Cox explained that the dog owner has had prior incidents with Franklin County Animal Care and Control (FCACC) and the Columbus Division of Police (CPD) where a tan/white and a brown/white pit bull got loose. The tan/white dog bit two individual in the course of being loose. I explained Ms. Cox legal options about …show more content…

I asked if one of their pit bulls got loose earlier today, she stated that the only pit bull they have is Zay (Tan/White) they got rid of the other two pit bulls. She stated Mr. Browning wouldn’t be home for approximately another 2-3 hours. I asked if she know who Mr. Browning gave the pit bull to; she stated no I would have to ask Mr. Browning for that information. I explain the reason why I was there and that I needed to talk to Mr. Browning. I advised the Caucasian female that we would be returning to verify where the pit bull name Duce is residing. I left a door notice at the location to have Mr. Browning contact FCACC. A follow-up needs to complete to check and cite if necessary for dog license, vaccinations and failure to control a nuisance dog. “Duce” is designated as

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