My Life With The Chimpanzees Analysis

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Animals and humans share more in common than you think. Although we don't necessarily look the same, we share the same emotions. Including happiness, sadness and many other traits. Other than emotions animals can act similar to humans as well. For example, animals may show that their scared by hiding or running away just like humans. In the historical fiction text “Hachiko The True story of a Loyal Dog” it talked about a dog named Hachiko who was very loyal to his owner, even after his death. As said by the text “Or perhaps he knows Dr. Ueno is dead, but he waits at the station to honor his master’s memory.” This proved that Hachiko was very loyal and caring. People in Hachiko’s community honored his loyalty by building a statue soon after his death. …show more content…

In her memoir she mentioned seeing chimpanzees travel in groups and realized they were like a community. Not only that, but the chimps would use hand gestures to communicate with each other. Goodall found this especially fascinating, since animals have never been seen doing this. As you can see, Hachiko and the chimpanzees both had many human characteristics. The chimps for example, bonded and trusted her. This is something humans do with others. Humans express and communicate their emotions just like chimps. Hachiko showed loyalty and respect towards his owner(Dr. Ueno). He protected and cared for him similarly to how humans are with their family and friends. In the end, animals and humans have a lot in common. Even though humans live differant lifesyles than animals they have a lot of similarities. In my opinion, it was fascinating seeing how aniams can be so similer to

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