Unusual Animal Friendships: A Comparative Analysis

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Even though that these two passages state information about two whole different things it still show resemblance in some of the central points. When reading the passages we can see that even though some animals are completely different species they can work together in coordination to benefit both species if it’s for emotions or for physical performance. When reading Unusual Animal Friendships we can see that even though the orangutan was scarred for life by the death of her parents she was able to recover due to the dog being her best friend. Even though they seemed like unlikely pairs they still become best friends helping one another. The same thing occurs in the passage Animal Roles and Relationships when the sea anemone and the hermit crab work together for physical advantages such as the sea anemone being able to eat some of the hermit crabs left overs and the hermit crab receives his own personal body guard against predators. …show more content…

Lastly, when we are reading Animal Roles and Relationships we can see that the strong wolf pack devote themselves to protect the ones among their pack. When the wolves are traveling together we can see that they have eachothers back when it comes together. In conclusion, we can see that when animals create friendships or bonds they are granted advantages such as receiving protection against others that pose as a threat to you or your

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