Companionship In Human Life

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Many people interact with animals to this day and have changed their lives by doing so. Although we may not interact with animals as much as we used to do, it’s still good for us and can immensely affect us. Getting involved with an animal can improve your life making it significantly more positive and joyous. Animals such as horses and dogs can also provide us a lot more whether it 's for companionship, protection, or work. Nowadays being around animals is common between people all over the world but companionship between the person and the animal is what makes every relationship special.You can find this companionship in the memoir, “Saying Farewell to a Faithful Pal,” where the narrator John Grogan recalls memories of his dog, Marley. John reminisces about how Marley was by his side for everything: “Whether to pick a tomato, pull a weed, or fetch the mail.” From the tone John seemed to use, I can tell that Marley was a great companion for John, as well as a great dog. They went through everything together even if it was a small thing which is very heartwarming. From what John told his readers I can also tell that Marley wanted and felt that he should be by John’s side. Another great example of companionship would be in the autobiography, “My Story,” where the writer Temple Grandin, has a special connection with the horses at her boarding school. Temple says how she spent every waking moment in the barn when not studying or going to school. She also says,“Animals kept me
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