Saying Farewell To A Faithful Pal Analysis

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Many people interact with animals to this day and have changed their lives by doing so. Although we may not interact with animals as much as we used to do, it’s still good for us and can immensely affect us. Getting involved with an animal can improve your life making it significantly more positive and joyous. Animals such as horses and dogs can also provide us a lot more whether it 's for companionship, protection, or work.

Nowadays being around animals is common between people all over the world but companionship between the person and the animal is what makes every relationship special.You can find this companionship in the memoir, “Saying Farewell to a Faithful Pal,” where the narrator John Grogan recalls memories of his dog, Marley. John …show more content…

An example of this would be in Travels With Charley where the writer, John Steinbeck, tells us about his dog, Charley. In this story John tells us how he and Charley go to Yellowstone National Park where they spot some unsightly bears. After Charley notices the bear, his protective side kicks in and he goes wild by growling at them trying to protect John from the bears. Considering this is not even how Charley usually acts, it’s amazing to see how much he cares for John. Another example of a protective sidekick would be the story of Max the dog. In the autobiography excerpt Dogs Make Us Human the writers Temple Grandin and Catherine Johnson tell us about Max. Max is a dog who can sense when his mistresses blood sugar levels drop. Whether she is awake or asleep, he can sense it. If she was asleep and he sensed that her blood sugar levels were dropping then he would go and alert her husband and bring it to his attention. This is truly based off of his senses which is unbelievable. If it weren’t for Max then that mistress would definitely be in a critical stage. These dogs work very hard to protect us and humankind. It’s only fair that we acknowledge and appreciate their defensive

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