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Many times I’ve thought about what’s important in a friendship, what lays the

groundwork of a friendship?, what really keeps a friendship proceed for a long time?. I decided

that Loyalty is a significant quality in a friendship because without it everything else will suffer

in a friendship. Loyalty holds a friendship together, it grows the friendship and makes it stronger.

A loyal friend is someone who will walk into your life, when everyone else has walked out of it.

The book “Kite Runner”by Hosseini demonstrates a lot of values about loyalty.

In the beginning of the book “Kite Runner”, by Hosseini, Hassan displays his loyalty to

Amir through a series honorable actions. The following quote is a small symbol that represents

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Hassan wasn't the strongest or biggest but he was the bravest and he had a strong heart. He

could've stayed behind the scene and let Assef bully Amir but he didn't. He saw a friend in need

and came to the rescue.

was afraid of Assef and what he would do to me. I was afraid of getting hurt” (Hosseini 77).

Amir proves to be a coward and an unloyal friend when he leaves Hassan to the bullies. This

event affects Amir’s future throughout the book because when the time came, he showed his true

colors. He settled on being a coward because he was too afraid of what Assef might have done to

him also. He did the dishonorable thing and ran away like a weakling. Because Amir chooses to

be a coward and does an unforgivable act of disloyalty he regrets it for a long time. Loyalty

molded their friendship but when Amir decided to remove the loyalty, their friendship was


Amir’s friendship only for Amir to destroy it because of his disloyalty and cowardice. At the end

of the book Amir finally redeems himself by saving his nephew( Sorhab) and bringing him to

America. Amir risks his life, something he would've never done in the past to save his

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