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The novel, The Kite Runner, tells a story about two incredibly strong and courageous boys, who have to find their way back from a dreadful thing which they thought they could never forget. The two boys are guided by their father, Baba, who is also looking for forgivness in himself. In the end, all of the boys find redemption for their wrongdoings.

One of the boys, Hassan, shows extreme courage from the very beginning of the book. “Assef gritted his teeth. ‘Put it down, you motherless Hazara.’ Please leave us be, Agha’ Hassan said’” (Hosseini, 41). This scene is an example of how daring Hassan is because he is threatening someone who could easily hurt him, but he’s doing it because he feels as if he has no choice, and he believes he needs to protect not only himself but his friend, Amir.

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Baba shows courage throughout the whole book, when he takes in Hassan, who is not his legitamate son, he is standing up for what he believes in, and he does not care what others will think. “That’s a clear answer, Dr. Amani. Thank you for that’, Baba said. ‘But no chemo madication for me’” (Hosseini, 156). When Baba gets cancer he is extremly strong and hard headed. He knows that he doesn’t want treatment, he believes he has lived his life and can take whatever is thrown at him. I think Baba really didn’t want to get chemo because he did not want to seem weak. Baba is extremely courageous before his death, and he dies with pride which is what he wanted.

All of the characters in the novel, The Kite Runner, are courageous in their own ways. Baba, Hassan and Amir all face difficuluties throughout their lives but they face the challenges head-on and eventually they all forgive themselves. True courage is when you are being faced with fear and doubt, often within yourself, but rising above the

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