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Shame means that you feel remorse for something weather it is your actions or the actions of another. But having shame about a certain action or event doesn't necessarily mean that you have to regret or even take back what happened because there may be justifications and sometimes you can’t justify how you feel or why you feel that way. That being said shame is both the greatest motivator and the greatest deterrent, a lot of people build their lives around forces like shame.
Amir is a character that is very concerned with what people think about him which leads him to publicly detaches himself from Hassan. He can not bear the scrutiny so he humiliates hassan in public by not defending him or protecting him and he humiliates him when they 2 are alone by telling petty lies to him. But the ironic thing is that the very shame he tries to avoid, becomes a worse self loathing shame latter from all his guilt. However, eventually Amir finds himself in a situation where a sense of family, redemption and belonging comes over him and is able to push his instinctual self preservation tendencies away and pay his respects to Hassan by defending and protecting his child. Coincidentally, where Amir prefered to be accepted, Hassan was never given …show more content…

He has such pride in himself and, he has accomplished that after he has already betrayed his brother, he allows one of his sons to grow up poor and steals the truth of their identity from both of them. All the while alienating the son he barely acknowledged and making him resent the other. Baba’s refusal of cultural norms could have benefited him and how he built up his son’s self esteem and self security but instead it made him “perfect” in some ways and vain, arrogant and self absorbed in others. And in the end he was too proud to ask for help and too ashamed to admit his life's

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