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Guilt Trip Guilt can completely change a person. The Kite Runner is a book about a family and their servants. Amir and his father, Baba live in a big house with their servants Ali and Hassan. Baba isn’t proud of who Amir is, but this changes when the Kite fighting tournament arrives, Amir wins and Baba is so proud. When the last kite is cut, Hassan goes to run down the final kite for Amir. Hassan ends up being trapped and raped in the alleyway with Amir watching. Amir could have intervened but did not. This leads to Amir hating Hassan because he did not know how to handle his guilt. Amir and his father travel to America where his father eventually dies and Amir grows up. Years later Amir goes back to Kabul …show more content…

Amir stands up for Sohrab and himself by taking a beating from his former bully Assef. Amir knows what he must do: “‘we have some unfinished business, you and I,’ Assef said. ‘Remember don’t you?”(286). Amir was always seen as a coward and this is something he wouldn’t have done when he was younger. An example of this is when he left Hassan in the alleyway with the same person who he confronted to save Sohrab. Almost all of the things Hassan does to and for Hassan are to try and relieve the guilt that weighs on him heavily. Without the incident in the alleyway, Amir may not have rescued Sohrab and stood up to his bully. Amir never stood up to for himself but this time he did and this courage was fueled by guilt. Amir brings Sohrab to America with him. Sohrab lives in their house and even has his own room: “Sohrab’s new room had cream-colored walls, chipped, dark gray moldings”(351). Sohrab is taken home because of his attempt at suicide when Amir says he can stay at an orphanage. This event causes guilt for Amir so he takes Sohrab home with him. Imagine if your nephew tried to kill himself just because you mentioned him going back to an orphanage. After this most people’s immediate response would be to bring him home with them. Amir already lost Hassan and he can’t deal with the guilt of losing Sohrab as well. This is once again another attempt to relieve guilt from Amir’s life. Amir tries to become a good father figure for Sohrab. Amir’s father was rarely proud and happy for

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