Amir's Betrayal Quotes From 'The Kite Runner'

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father figure on a child's moral development and decision-making. Baba's emphasis on competition, success, and the pursuit of power at all costs shaped Amir's values and behavior, leading him to prioritize his own needs over the well-being of his friend. The incident also illustrates the theme of betrayal, as Amir's failure to stand up for Hassan represents a betrayal of their friendship and a failure to uphold basic human values of compassion and justice. This quotation serves as a powerful example of the complex ways in which father figures can impact the lives of their children, shaping their moral compass, relationships, and decisions in profound ways. Had Amir not experienced neglect from his father, he would have likely defended Hassan …show more content…

Proof/Support #2: Use a quotation and cite it in MLA format: ie. (Hosseini 26) When Amir rescues Hassan's son, Sohrab from the orphanage, he embodies the qualities of a father figure. "I won't ever let that happen. I promise you that." I cupped his hand in both of mine. "Come home with me." (283) Comment/Significance #2: Explain the relevance of your quotation and its purpose in supporting your opinion. Provide a connection using a lens and your own thoughts and …show more content…

This quote is significant because it shows how Amir, who was not able to stand up for Hassan in the past due to his neglectful relationship with Baba, is now trying to make amends and take responsibility for his actions. It also demonstrates how Baba's positive relationship with Hassan influenced Amir to act as a father figure to Sohrab and fulfill his duty of protecting him. This determination is a positive impact of Amir's relationship with Baba, who instilled in him the importance of standing up for what is right and protecting those who are vulnerable. Baba's actions, such as defending the helpless and standing up against injustice, have inspired Amir to do the same, ultimately leading to his decision to rescue Sohrab from the orphanage and bring him into a safe and loving home. This relates to the positive impact of a father figure because Baba's actions towards Hassan and his relationship with Amir influenced their views on fatherhood and shaped their actions towards others. Amir saving Sohrab from the orphanage and ‘filling in’ as his father shows how the impact of having a neglectful father has created a moral view in his heart and a need to fulfill a positive father figure role in his life. In addition, there is a deeper connection between Sohrab and Amir because he is the son of Hassan who encountered the same situation that Hassan endured as a

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