Moral Ambiguity In The Kite Runner

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The author puts a lot of moral ambitious character in the story the Kite Runner. Amir is an example of a moral ambitious character. He is evil in the beginning of the story, but as he matures and grows up as an adult. The Kite Runner By Khaled Hosseini, is a novel about a young boy named Amir and how he grows up in the Afghan war and how life was during the war. Amir's Moral Ambiguity is important to this story because he provides readers to like and hate him. The author provides the reader with mixed feeling about Amir. In his childhood in Kabul Amir comes off as heartless person. He is this because he has done evil stuff in his life. In the beginning of the story something bad happens to Hassan, Amir says,¨In the end, I ran. I ran because …show more content…

He tries to redeem himself from what he did to Hassan. Amir doesn't know why he needs to go against, all he knows is that Rahim Khan needs him to come. ¨ I lay in the dark of the night Rahim Khan called and traced with my eyes the parallel silver lines on the wall made by the moonlight pouring through the blinds¨ (Hosseini 194). Amir's Moral ambiguity comes in when he decides to come back to Afghanistan. He decides to come so he can redeem himself from all the evil things he did while he was there. After he talks to Rahim Khan, he tells him the Hassan not only his childhood best friend but his half brother. Amir tries to help Hassan's own son, Sorab, who is his nephew that is locked in a orphanage. He ends up finding out that a taliab took Sorab. He is shocked when he finds where he is. He finds out that the head person there is Assef. He has unfinished business with amir.¨ When it's all done, only one of us will walk out of this room alive,¨ Assef said. ¨if it's him, them he's earned his freedom and to let him pass, do you understand?¨ What Assef is saying is that they have to settle their differences and if Amir wins then he gets to take Sohrab home. Amir is a good person, he is willing to get beat to death to save Sohrab. He is risking his life to save

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