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When you decide to do business with a Chihuahua breeder you aren 't buying a lamp from someone you will never see again, you are buying a pet that you will be raising in partnership with your breeder. Make sure you do a thorough check of your breeder before you do business with them, as you need to be completely comfortable that they are the right breeder for you. A reputable breeder will not try and hide anything from you and a reputable breeder will insist that you do all of your own researching so that you find that breeder that is perfect for you.

Begin your search by asking what national breeder registry the breeder belongs to. Check it out for yourself and see what you think of that registry 's breeding standards. The one registry
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Needless to say that if the law is familiar with a breeder, but in a bad way, then you probably want to steer very clear of that breeder and move on to someone that is not on a first name basis with the police in your town. This is serious business and doing that business with a criminal is a very bad idea.

As important as any of the people mentioned in this article are to talk to about prospective Chihuahua breeders the one group that you need to make sure you talk to a lot is the breeders themselves. Find out what their policies and beliefs about breeding are and ask if they will be available to you after the sale is done. Find out what information they offer you when you get a dog from them and also just pay attention to see if this is someone that you would feel comfortable buying your future family member from.

A good breeder is in your life for years offering advice and helping to make sure your pet stays healthy. You need to do the right thing and make sure that you are choosing the right breeder for you and your family because in the end that relationship between you and your breeder is what is most

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