Persuasive Essay On In Vitro Fertilization

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Everyone is entitled to choose their own lifestyle, whether they want to have a child or not. Some females who seek to have children find it easy, although some are unfortunate. There are numerous of reasonings, such as being too old to be pregnant, damage to the Fallopian tube or uterus and cancer radiation or chemotherapy. As our generation goes on, many discoveries revolving biology is produced and one of it is the In Vitro Fertilization or “IVF”. It is the procedure of fertilization where they save sperm sample, take an egg from the women and physically combining it in a laboratory dish where the egg and the sperm is now called an embryo. It will be examined, and later on transported to a substitute uterus of qualified women who are suitable …show more content…

Aging is not something you can control, therefore couples who are not able to have children look for alternatives such as IVF. Age affects the ability for women to bare their own child, especially when they reach the age of 40. At this point it reduces fertility and differentiates the considerable potential of being a child carrier. It increases the risk of miscarriage, complications during and after pregnancy and childbirth. The child will most likely have birth defect and genetic abnormalities, unlike in young women. IVF is advocated for mid-aged women, because it stimulates the ovaries and it is a reliable alternative of possibly being a parent. Nevertheless, if the IVF inquiry cannot produce any more healthy eggs, there are substitute options such as finding an egg donor, vice versa with her partner. Aging is something that you cannot stop and in my opinion it shouldn’t be the factor for having children, which is one of the reasons why IVF was developed. The route to being a parent can require a lot of process, although I believe in what IVF can offer due to its successful

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