Persuasive Essay On Genetic Engineering Babies

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Should or should we not prohibit genetically engineered babies is the question to ask. After years and year of trying to figure out the cure for a disease like a mitochondrial disease, a group of professional on the topic believes that it would greatly benefit the baby’s outcome exceptionally if their parents has harmful genetics. Most people concern would be how the baby would turn out because there have not been any clinical trials that prove that the genetics that is engineered properly work like they should. I personally believe that the genetics of baby should not be engineered, but I do believe that it should be up to the parent of the children since it is their child in the first place. The argument is between whether or not the United States should or should not prohibit genetically engineered babies. In the prohibit genetically engineered babies debate video that were moderated by Jon Donovan, Sheldon Krimsky, and Robert Winston are for the motion while Nita Farahany and Lee Silver was against the motion. With all four of them being all more than credible enough to give this debate they all seem to agree on one thing, and that was just release something like the ability to genetically engineer babies could be a danger to the future of those children. The reason why it’s a danger is because there has been no extensive test run that would prove that engineering a gene would have side effects, or wear off in the future when the child got older. Sheldon and Robert

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