Pro Genetic Engineering Argumentative Essay

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Science has enabled us to thrive in a world where change is a must if an organism wishes to live. It has allowed for us to bend and twist the world at our feet, even having enough strength to repel the touch of death. Genetic engineering is the next scientific advancement that will stand close in the near future. It has the capability of modifying the food production process, elimination of diseases and disorders, and the guarantation of the best traits in an organism. Food production has been a matter that has been disputed for years now because of the things that have been added to crops. While pesticide helps keep other organisms from taking crop harvest, it has also added chemicals into the food that we consume; chemicals that should not be inside of us. Genetic engineering would allow for the natural modification of food to provide DNA genes that can be used to act as a shield against pests and diseases. With the DNA modification of crops, there would be no need to …show more content…

Mutation in children is not uncommon and it has caused many children to be robbed of the chances that healthy children are born with. A parent blessed with the gift of a healthy child wouldn’t be able to understand the relief genetic engineering would be able to bring to parents of children born with haemophilia, cystic fibrosis, or muscular dystrophy. Not only would choosing the best traits in an organism be good for humans, but for animals and plants. As previously mentioned, plants would benefit in the sense that they will be able to get immunity to pests and their own types of diseases. Animals would be able to make their prime state by modifying their DNA. In conclusion, genetic engineering has plenty of benefits. Those benefits would be able to increase food production, eliminating diseases/disorders, and choosing the best traits in an

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