Gene Editing Technology Pros And Cons

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The Controversies of Gene Editing Technology

The ability to edit genes is a widely disputed and controversial topic, resulting in many varied opinions between scientists and scholars. It is argued whether or not gene editing technology is safe for all participants, as well as if it is ethical. Some scientists believe that gene editing technology is the next step in evolution of certain science processes, and the future of curing and preventing genetic diseases. Others, however believe, that if gene editing technology is taken too far, it will go beyond the prevention of genetic diseases, allow the creation “perfect” children. The opinions on gene editing technology are varied, and shown through the content and research of this paper. Gene
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As of 2014, forty countries have banned genome editing. One concern is a safety issue, with the possibility of off-target effects, or edits in the wrong places, along with mosaicism (when some cells carry the genetic edit, but others do not. Also, many people do not support the genetic-editing of human embryos due to moral and religious values. Changes created in a human embryo by gene-editing technology may be passed onto future generations, and “germline cell and embryo genome editing bring up a number of ethical challenges, including whether it would be permissible to use this technology to enhance normal human traits (such as height or intelligence). Based on concerns about ethics and safety, germline cell and embryo genome editing are currently illegal in many countries.”( In addition, the National Institute of Health (NIH) will not fund any use of gene-editing in human embryos, and federal funds cannot be used for any research that creates or destroys embryos. Some people also believe that although gene editing technology could prevent genetic diseases, it could be taken too far. This includes scientists using the concept of gene-editing technology to create “perfect children”. To conclude, there are many points on the con-side of gene-editing…show more content…
One argument states that gene-editing technology will be very beneficial to many people by eliminating genetic diseases. “Every year an estimated 7.9 million children - 6% of total births worldwide - are born with a serious birth defect of genetic or partially genetic origin.”(, “An estimated 3.3 million children under the age of 5 die each year from serious birth defects, a worldwide report says. But more effective interventions and the use of medical genetic services, especially in poorer countries, could reduce mortality and disability by up to 70%.” ( The use of gene editing could prevent millions of people from having genetic diseases. Gene editing on human embryos can also lead to making disease treatment less expensive. Its could lead to a greater understanding of genetic diseases, and other disease treatments. The knowledge could allow many medicines to be produced more cheaply, allowing medicines to be accessible to more people. “Genetic engineering can be used to improve the drugs available on the marketplace by making them more effective and safer. By using genetic modification scientists can make pharmaceuticals more effective than the existing versions of the medicine. There are already improved versions of insulin for
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