The Pros And Cons Of Human Cloning

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Do you know that based on the scientific studies, 90% human cloning tuned out to be unsuccessful. Human cloning(modifying babies) is a process of producing new identical babies by altering their genomes. Some of studies show that scientists successfully cloned animals such as cows, Pigs, and sheep. For the past 3-5 years human cloning have a lot of debates and controversies between peoples. However Human cloning is dangerous for the new engineered baby and their moms, so it should be banned to prevent new disease, to constantly limit the population of dying human beings, and to stop unnecessary fees to modify babies. During the process of human cloning when the scientists try to change the genes they will create new and undetected disease for the babies and moms. A French scientists’ researches on two-month-old cow and duplicate genes taken from mature cows. Then, they discovered that the calf died after developing a blood heart disease. South Korean scientists clone a human cell successfully and try to show the advantage and disadvantage of cloning. They said stem cell research and cloning have also been shown to be dangerous. The animals that have been cloned so far suffer from genetic disorders . Stem cells implanted in the wrong area could cause seizures in patients. It is altogether too much of a risk, and too much of a cost to pay in life to consider these options. Some people may think “if cloning is deemed morally sound, then we 'll start asking if it 's all right
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