Human Cloning Be Banned Essay

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Do you know that based on the scientific studies, 90% human cloning tuned out to be unsuccessful. Human cloning(modifying babies) is a process of producing new identical babies by altering their genomes. Some of studies show that scientists successfully cloned animals such as cows, Pigs, and sheep. For the past 3-5 years human cloning have a lot of debates and controversies between peoples. However Human cloning is dangerous for the new engineered baby and their moms, so it should be banned to prevent new disease, to constantly limit the population of dying human beings, and to stop unnecessary fees to modify babies.

During the process of human cloning when the scientists try to change the genes they will create new and undetected disease …show more content…

The procedure putting another extra clone gene to the mom’s womb and growing is not easy and sometimes it can cause moms and the child 's death. Because we want a clone baby doesn’t mean we want to kill the moms so it is irrelevant and hazardous. Peoples want to believe that we shouldn 't be afraid of cloning babies or having engineered baby, but however people connected to their religion and didn’t want to mess with their god(religion) so because of that most of the people didn’t want to accept this technology. As seen in the (Caplan’s) article, scientists are using CRISPR CAS9 to make a new engineered baby. This tool helps to edit genes in animals and insects and now it also works on human to modify their genes and to enter the new gene to make clone babies.the intriguing instance of genetic modification was that there is a lot of controversies and agreements in human cloning. “The main arguments against genetic modification of human embryos are that it would be unsafe and unfair, and that modification would quickly go beyond efforts to reduce the incidence of inherited maladies” (Caplan). During the altering genes in the mother 's womb cause a lot of dangerous situations and

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