Persuasive Essay On Designer Babies

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What is your image of perfect? By altering genes it would be possible to produce, what in your eyes might be, the “perfect” child. Designer babies are children whose genes are artificially altered and replaced at an embryonic stage to either express or eliminate certain genes. English physician, Walter Heape, established the scientific roots of in vitro fertilization in the late-nineteenth century by transferring embryos from one rabbit to another. The first successful application of IVF in humans took place almost a century later on July 25, 1978, when Louise Brown was born and entitled the world 's first “test-tube baby” (Lerner). This procedure’s purpose is to switch out genes for more preferred ones, especially to improve the health of the child. Genetic engineering could permit selection of desired physical and pleasurable traits for non-medical reasons, which has created concern in some people. The process of switching out the genes of a fetus to install genes that are more preferred has brought up debate about whether or not parents should be able to alter their babies genes to make them more appealing to the parents interests. There are many different ways of looking at this procedure and in contrast to other scientific procedures it can be for greater good or for unnecessary enhancement that could potentially create problems in society. Designer babies aren’t morally correct or incorrect, but are in between depending on what it is being used for. One way this

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