Gene Modification Rhetorical Analysis

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The issue of modification through gene manipulation becomes increasingly complex when considering how this technology can be used as a means to unethical and harmful uses. In the article, Babies with Genes From 3 people could be Ethical, Panel Says, Rob Stein exposes various concerns about three gene donors in an embryo, including how a scientist, “Could introduce some new disease into the human gene pool or that scientists could try to do this for other reasons-nonmedical reasons, like create designer babies where parents pick the traits of their children.” Stein goes on to explain how the gene replacement procedure would take place, which continues to usher in a plethora of concerns as whether to allow Crispr technology be tested on a embryo. …show more content…

Safety as well as social injustice stand before as valid arguments to put an extreme caution and observations on all procedures that go though. Author Arthur Caplan with Project Syndicate states that without doubt one day this technology will be put to use however counters, “ The benefits of CRISPR are likely to be made available primarily through private, profit-seeking companies, giving the rich far better access to the technology than the poor.” These significant benefits whose intents are positive will inevitably lead to injustice by the upper social class being the only ones allowed to afford this engineering. Today's Society cannot fail to remember the past when the belief of a specific race was superior than others was prevalent. Author Edwin Black of The Horrifying American Roots of Nazi Eugenics, illuminates throughout his entire article racist pseudoscience although believed to have begun in Germany, started with eugenicists in the United States. Black exposes the truth behind these academicians who were researching race theory and race science and their cover up. The eugenicists were working towards a lethal solution. If America was oblivious to these underlying motives, these same undisclosed experiments will reappear again without strict observation in the labs. Though society is quick to judge these past scientists, Black states, “ Yet even now, some leading voices in the genetic world are calling for a cleansing of the unwanted among us, and even a master human species.” Despite the current overall intent in genetic modifications being to eliminate birth defects and disease, covert motives are still underlying in the scientific

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