Eugenics Rough Draft Essay

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Research Paper Rough Draft- Eugenics

The amazing thing about the world today is the rapidly changing society, and the contemporary technology. Something that scientist have been working to perfect for many years is the modernization of eugenics. It is changing the way people are born by selecting specific traits for an individual to be smarter, stronger, more attractive and many other traits. Many parents of the new generation are willing to try the science of eugenics for their child to be customized to them.

Francis Galton was the first major leader in the eugenics movement, his life was changed by the Darwinian Theory. “Francis Galton taught his followers that only the genetically perfect should be allowed to reproduce.He had “followers” that shows you how much him and many others believed that you need to have all these specific “perfect” characteristics to have children, so that your children will be “perfect.” This quote is saying that if your are not “perfect” then you have no right to reproduce. He wanted everyone to be beautiful, and smart so that they could produce beautiful and smart offspring. “Galton believed that certain races were superior…” Specific people are better than others. He thought that if you were not the white race than you were less of a person. …show more content…

“They (eugenicists) believe that human beings are inherently no different than animals, and therefore we can and should be bred like animals.” Eugenicists think that since we humans and animals are both mammals, that we can both endure the same dangerous tests. The results will be different for different animals and humans. It is true that the human race is animals, but in no way should we be treated as animals. Eugenicists use the same tests that are used on cows for testing as they do for humans. “...only the “best” people will reproduce and become superior

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