Persuasive Speech On Designer Babies

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Ever heard of designer babies, ever thought wow that sounds awesome, or I would love a designer baby. But have you ever thought about how it could harm your baby or hurt you? Well, sometimes it’s ok to give what god gave people no matter what. The things people can change about your baby is their The gender of the baby, The outward looks of the baby ,Reduce the baby’s chances of falling sick or getting affected with a particular disease, Change the baby’s overall personality, After and improve the baby’s overall levels of intelligence. If we can should we? This is the question I’m asking. Why would Americans do that to a human being. See it this way, you’re a women about to have a baby but you didn’t want a girl you wanted a boy so you decide to have a designer baby, but you get the baby you want a boy with blond hair and blue eyes but he could have and accidental termination, meaning that something went wrong. But let me ask you this.. Why? How could you live in a world that you had a beautiful baby but it is now a designer baby. And studies show that “ 3 out of 10 people who opt for having a designer baby feel that they can make their babies immortal(living forever)”. Yes that could be a good thing but what about the child. How do you think that they would feel about it. Knowing that they aren’t who they actually thought they are. Wow that would be hard to life like that.
Studies say that, “There is a debate that says that creating designer babies can lead to a gap in

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