Embryonic Stem Cell Research Persuasive Speech

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Embryonic stem cells are the cells which potentially provide life to a blastocyst and lead to the creation of a fetus, or baby. Recently there have been many experiments conducted to extract embryonic stem cells from the blastocyst. With this new research, has also come a huge controversy. Although embryonic stem cell research is practiced with good intents and is designed to find cures for people already suffering or living a limited lifestyle due to health disabilities, what is not always mentioned is that another human’s life is being destroyed in the process. These innocent babies, whether it be considered legal or not, are being plucked from their mother’s womb to be used for nothing more than a science experiment. Also, the rate of success in …show more content…

Some classify the state of an unborn child by scientific terms such a “fetus”, rather than a “baby” to make it seem more impersonal, therefore, making it more acceptable to
“experiment” on. According to Assertion 4, there should be no “question of consent” about embryonic stem cell research because a “human being is being killed” to “benefit another”.

Owens 2
(Assertion 4) Why punish a baby for your mistake, why punish a baby for someone else 's sake, why punish a baby who cannot escape? What right do we have to rip a baby from their mother’s womb, provoke their earthly life, and experiment on them like a lab rat? The irony is some people protest the ethicality of animal testing when there are babies being tested on each day.
Even Dr. Seuss recognized the fact that “A person’s a person, no matter how small.” Therefore, even though this baby was “legally aborted”, it has no way of giving its consent to be used for experimentation. There is more than just the state of the aborted baby involved in embryonic stem cell

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