Pros And Cons Of Designer Bag Babies

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Designer Bags Babies Imagine you and your partner are sitting in the waiting room at an Obstetrics and Gynecology (OB/GYN) office and the nurse hands you a baby menu. The menu lists traits, medical conditions, and characteristics that you can choose from to have the perfect baby. Some desired options might be hair color, eye color, gender, appearance, intelligence, disease, and personality. As the parent, you have to choose who you want your baby to be and decide everything about your child. Is this what you imagined having a baby would be like? Is it right to choose the genetic makeup of your child? Making designer babies is morally wrong and will have a negative effect on future generations. With all of the recent technological advances,…show more content…
Those who advocate designer babies claim the pros to be a smaller chance of genetic disorders and inherited diseases.They also promote the ability to choose the desired gender, traits, personality, genes, hair and eye color. Doctors are able to genetically modify embryos to reduce the risk of several disorders and diseases. Some genetic disorders that can be removed from the child 's genome include Alzheimer 's, Down Syndrome, Spinal Muscular Atrophy, and Huntington’s Disease. Using the same technology, doctors can make changes in the child 's personality, looks, intelligence, gender, and athletic…show more content…
Genetically engineering a baby violates the baby’s rights, takes away the child 's individuality, and exhibits a greater health risk overall. Ordering the perfect child can come with some moral questions and can go against religious values. Predetermining who you want your baby to be is dangerous because of the risk of having too many similar people and not enough differentiation. Creating a designer baby can also increase the mother’s chance of having a miscarriage or other health problems. The science behind making designer babies has not been perfected yet. According to Debolina Raja “The technology that helps to create designer babies is not one hundred percent safe. At the moment, it is still in its experimental stage and there is much to be developed and tested. There are so many unknowns in making your baby perfect that it is not worth taking the risk.” This is a huge con to consider when trying to decide if baby building is right for you. These pros and cons are not necessarily valid in some people 's beliefs, but on a general basis, these opinions make up the two sides of the
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