Negatives Of Genetic Engineering

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As technology advances, more things become possible. One of these things is genetically modifying a baby, this is very wrong. Genetic modifying or genetic engineering is altering someone or something’s DNA. Scientists hope to cure diseases with this method, but doing this can lead to some harmful effects. This process is very unethical. This can lead to genetic defects, it limits genetic diversity, and it can be taken to very extreme levels. ` To start us off, genetically engineering a baby can be very unsafe for it and lead to genetic defects. Scientists don’t know everything about the human body yet, and because of this, if we end up modifying something, it could end up affecting something important that we didn’t know about. …show more content…

If our genetic diversity went away, we would all be the same. If everyone was the same, life would be incredibly dull, and boring. Our DNA would also be “linked.” If someone dies from disease, everyone would most likely die by that too since everyone would be the same, reducing the population by a great amount. Finally, limiting our genetic diversity limits reproduction. If everyone in the world had the exact same genetic code, everyone would be the same gender. This means that no reproduction would take place, gradually decreasing the population. With modifications to our DNA, we limit our diversity by great numbers, this affects not only our generation, but the ones to still …show more content…

People think that this will make the next generation perfect, this is not entirely true. If every single person in the world was perfect, technically no one would be perfect. No one would be perfect because everyone would be the same, which kills the strive for something even better, perfection. Also, scientists say that this can cure all diseases by removing a certain gene. Scientists actually could remove a gene which causes disease, but this could end up introducing a new, more powerful disease to the body. Finally, genetic modifying can allow people to live longer. You may think that this is good that people would live longer, but there some negative aspects to this. Life would be very boring of course, but more importantly, overpopulation would happen and humans would be in competition with one another since everything would now be limited. While some aspects of genetic engineering should appealing, they all most likely have a dark secret hiding within

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