Brief Summary And Irony In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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“Six foot three, blonde hair, blue eyes, perfect jaw line and muscular body.” Isn’t that what every girl wants in a boy? “5 foot 4, brown hair, nice eyes, nice smile, good body.” Isn’t that what every guy wants to see in a girl? Nowadays your dream boy or girl can come true with one hefty chunk of change. For about $130,000 you can create your very own basic designer baby. By creating a designer baby that means that Doctors go into the embryo and manipulate the egg. Sounds easy right? Well with that comes a number of extremely risky side effects that aren’t worth it. Just like in the book Frankenstein, Victor tried creating the “perfect” human-being with all of the finest features and it turned out utterly wrong.
Victor Frankenstein tries creating the creature with his new technology. With his creature he thought the creature would be a perfect human but it ended up being ugly and scary. This shows that doctors nowadays should not try and create and human. Trying to create a human would require doctors to changing stuff in the …show more content…

The whole point of evolution is simply; as the environment changes, the people best suited to the new environment are selected for. Without Diversity of the people, adaptation to the new environment is more difficult without a wide range of individuals to choose from. The evolution of humans has spanned about 2 million years and has resulted in all the different types of people we see today which why this world is so great. If people start creating babies everyone is going to be created in similar ways and this world would not be the same. A large scale organisms in a particular species is necessary for the species to continue to be competitive with other species and be successful. By creating a generation of genetically similar people, the human species loses its ability to adapt to the changing

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